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Each of theterms listed below will have in these General Terms of Service Xingyunzhimen(hereinafter referred to as the "Terms" ) the following meanings:


Announcement: means all data elements (visual, textual,sound, photographs, drawings ), submitted by an Advertiser in its editorialresponsibility for buying, renting or selling a good or service and broadcaston the Website , Mobile website , iPhone Application and Android .


Advertiser: means any person or persons Moral Physicsmajor established in China (including special administrative regions ) andhaving filed and posted an Ad via Xingyunzhimen’s Service . The term "Advertiser " groups in the TOS both types of ads Advertiser depositing viaXingyunzhimen service, namely :


Advertiser" Private " which means any natural person , acting exclusively forprivate purposes and all professionals because of its activity is not requiredto create a pro account on the website  including professional depositing ads incategories "Employment" , "Service" , "Other" ,established in China ( including Special administrative Regions ) and havingfiled and posted an ad from Website , Mobile Site on the iPhone App and / orthe Android .

Advertiser" Pro " which means any person Morality, acting exclusively forbusiness purposes and filing ads in categories requiring the opening of a proaccount , established in China ( including Special administrative Regions )   andhaving filed and posted an ad from the Website .

AndroidApplication : means Android Application free download from an Android phonefrom Google Play Store and allows users and Advertisers to access a part of theService xingyunzhimen.


IPhoneApplication: means the iPhone App free download on an iPhone app from the Applestore and allowing users to access and Advertisers via their iPhone to a partof the Service Xingyunzhimen.


PersonalAccount : means the free space currently available only from the Website , anyPrivate Advertiser ( except for any professional who because of his activity isnot required to create an account on the website , includingprofessional depositing ads in categories " professional Equipment "," Employment", " Services", " Event ") can becreated , and from which it may disseminate , manage, view their ads andsubscribe to or Option (s) Charge (s) .


Professional Account : means space, accessible onlyfrom the Website , any professional  Announcershould create it User Service Xingyunzhimen and from which it broadcasts ( withthe exception of the professional Advertiser  benefiting from the one of the formulas PackAuto and thus spreading its ads on the Service Xingyunzhimen  directly from their personal managementsoftware listings ) shows , manages its ads being broadcast and performs hiscommands .


HILLAHLIMITED : The company that publishes and operates the Website , Mobile Site andiPhone Application Android Application : HILLAH LIMITED, company registered inHONG KONG, Registered office : UNIT 04, 7/F, BRIGHT WAY TOWER, N° 33 MONG KOKROAD, KOWLOON, HK. Company registered  14thMarch 2013. CR N° 1875101


Xingyunzhimen  Service : means Xingyunzhimen servicesavailable to Users and Advertisers on the Website , Mobile Site and iPhoneApplication on the Android as described in section 3.1 of these Terms .


Website :means the website operated by HILLAH LIMITED accessed primarily from URL  and allowing users to access and Advertisersvia the Internet Service Xingyunzhimen  described in section 3.1 of these Terms .


Mobile Site: means the mobile site operated by HILLAH LIMITED mobile. Xingyunzhimenaccessible from the URL and allow users to access and Advertisers via theirmobile phone service Xingyunzhimen described in 3.1 of these Terms .


User:refers to any visitor with access to Xingyunzhimen Service via the Website ,Mobile Website , iPhone Application and / or the Android Application andConsultant Service Xingyunzhimen , accessible from different media.