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Any advertisement inserted for the benefit of a professional making offer to sell or service intended to make its activity must include a SIREN number ( 9 digits).

Only the following categories are open to professionals : Cars , Motorcycles, Caravan , Tools , Equipment Auto, Motorcycle Equipment , Caravan Equipment , Boating, Boating Equipment , Estate Sales , Rentals, Vacation Rentals , Offices & Shops , Computer, Audio & Video , Furniture, Appliances , Decoration, DIY, Gardening , Equipment , Baby Clothing, DVD / Films CD / Music, Tableware , linen , Books, Pets , Sports & Hobbies , Bikes, Music , Collection, Games & Toys , Wine & Food , Farm , Transportation Engineering - Handling , Construction - Building Carcass work tooling - Materials 2nd- work, Industrial Equipment , Catering - Hospitality, Office Supplies , Stores & Markets , Medical Equipment, Employment, and Services Events .

Any advertisement containing text elements ( words , phrases ... etc . ) , Which would seem contrary to the legal or regulatory provisions, the morality, the spirit of the publication , or may disturb or offend readers will be refused by without this do arise for the owner any right to compensation.

Only ad serving offering the sale of original products is permitted ( electronics , DVDs, CDs , video games , computer software, for pay-TV cards , clothes and accessories brand , watches ... ) .
We remind you that the sales copy is considered by the courts as counterfeiting which may be sanctioned under Article L. 335-2 paragraph 2 of the Code of intellectual property by two years imprisonment and a 300,000 euros fine.

The announcement of an asset sale must be filed in the county where the property is located.

In the case of a photo insert, it should represent the property to sell and can not be used to illustrate several ads. With the exception of job listings and services categories, it is not possible to insert a logo as a photograph attached to an ad.

The ad text must describe the product / property / object of the ad. Ads with a general text such as " many products to sell in our store " are not accepted. Moreover, it is not permitted to promote a service outside the Services category.

Exchanges are allowed on the site. However, it is not possible to list more than 5 references of models that could serve as a basis for an exchange .